Powersoft and Electronics & Engineering showcase Deva in Singapore

Powersoft in conjunction with Electronics & Engineering have showcased the Deva multimedia unit in Singapore. The event was held at the Vault@289.

Luca Giorgi, sales director for Powersoft and Remo Orsoni, applications engineer at Powersoft were on hand to introduce the product and discuss the technology behind it.

The Deva is a multimedia unit that is capable of working in both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi) configurations. Intended for use outdoors, the product provides audio for music and messaging. It also has an on-board camera which can record video as well as a LED which can be programmed for lighting effects.

The Deva also sports a proximity sensor, which can be used to enhance the functionality of the device. Giorgi explained how the proximity sensor can be utilized to have the Deva issue alerts or welcome messages as required.

A solar panel enables the Deva to recharge its batteries and it can also work with power over Ethernet.

With its hardy, weatherproof construction the Deva is intended for use outdoors. It has already been installed in ski-resorts in Italy as well as Canada And soon the United States of America.

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