Polycom announces social video chat app

Polycom has announced that its social video software application is currently shipping with the newest HP webcams – the HP Webcam HD models 3310 and upcoming 4310.

The Polycom HD video software is the first group social video chat application that allows users to access their contact lists in popular consumer social platforms, including Facebook, Skype, and gTalk (Google video), and conduct HD video chats with their friends and family regardless of the applications the other participants are using or where they are.

Because the app combines contact lists from Facebook, Skype, and gTalk, users can see who is online and invite them to an HD video chat simply by dragging or selecting them. Participants receive the video chat invitation within their preferred messenger interface and they can simply click-and-join from within their browser – without downloading anything.

The free version of the app supports HD video chat with up to three participants, as well as screen- and document-sharing.
The software application leverages technology from Polycom’s acquisition of ViVu in October 2011.

ViVu’s HD video chat software can be embedded into web applications such as enterprise, social, and vertical industry applications (e.g., healthcare communications, call centers for retail industry, or wealth management solutions).

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