Poly debuts Studio P series video conferencing range

Poly has unveiled its Studio P series, a personal video conferencing kit designed to accommodate the needs of remote workers.

The Polly Studio P series incorporates the Poly Studio P5 webcam, Studio P15 personal video bar and Studio P21 personal meeting display and can be combined with the Poly Lens desktop app and Poly+ paid subscription service to simplify device management.

The Studio P5 webcam features 1080p resolution, with four times digital zoom and a built-in privacy shutter, directional microphone and integrated USB connectivity for headsets.

The Studio P15 personal video bar includes 4K resolution, with automatic camera framing and an integrated speaker and microphone array with NoiseBlockAI technology to block unwanted outside noise.

The Studio P21 personal meeting display includes a 21-in display, camera and audio, as well as ambient lighting adjusting to illuminate and improve the appearance of users and overall video quality. USB connectivity is also included to work with video apps that run on a PC or Mac.

The Studio P5 kit, comprised of the P5 webcam paired with a personal device (such as a Poly headset or Poly Sync portable speakerphone) provides four combinations with corded or wireless headset options from the Voyager and Poly Blackwire ranges in addition to kits that include Poly Sync speakerphones.

The Poly Studio P series also includes access to the Poly Lens device management service via the Poly Lens desktop app, providing access to insights and managing of a remote workforce from the cloud.

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