Poly announces new phone integration features

Poly has announced three add-ons for its desk phones, including Microsoft Teams integration, Google Voice for G Suite and Amazon web services.

The newly rebranded Poly (formerly Pantronics) announced the integration of Microsoft Teams with is new Poly CCX series desk phones.

The Poly CCX series desk phones allow Microsoft Teams users to access calls, calendars and meetings through the phone’s screen display.

The new phones, the Poly CCX 500 and CCX 700 allow for Microsoft Teams to be extended to the desktop phones, allowing calls, calendar and meetings to be integrated and accessible through the phone’s screen display.

The CCX 500 and CCX 700 feature Polycom HD voice and a colour touch screen display, with the CCX 700 including video calling through the CCX 700’s built-in camera.

Poly 2 Thursday Boogaloo

Poly also announced the availability of Google Voice for G Suite, with its VVX x50 series OBi edition phones.

Google Voice for G Suite uses Polycom Device Management Services for Service Providers (PDMSSP) API as part of its device on-board protocol, allowing assignment of desk phones to Google Voice for G Suite users.

Amazon Chime and Alexa for Business are also integrated with the Trio conference phone, allowing users to access Alexa for Business to start and end meetings, book rooms and build on private skills.

Voice commands can also be utilised to manage meetings.

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