Plixir announces UK products availability

Plixir’s AC and DC power products and accessories are now available in the UK following a deal with UK distributor Audiophile Digital Music Masters.

A range of Plixir power conditioners and standalone DC power supplies to upgrade the performance of Melco audio digital music libraries and accessories with external universal power supplies such as the N100 library, D100 CD disc drive/loader, S100 data switch and the E100 expansion drive.
The available Plixir products include the Elite balanced AC Mains range, encompassing the Elite BAC 150, 400 and 1500 with both Cube BAC models, the Cube 8 BAC and the Elite BDC power supply.

Melco Audio users can also use a range of Plixir power supplies including the Elite BDC 2A, Elite BDC 4A, Elite Melco Stack and the Elite BAC 1500 AC mains conditioner.

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