Plasa 2014 sees launch of Lab.gruppen PLM+

AUTHOR: Inavate

Lab.gruppen was at the Plasa 2014 exhibition to launch PLM+, the next generation of their Powered Loudspeaker Management platform.

PLM+ is the new touring platform from Lab.gruppen, a platform that offers all of the performance characteristics, flexibility, and power of the 20000Q, but with twice the processing power, twice the throughput and a whole host of additional features.  

PLM+ range offers two models – PLM20k44 and the PLM12k44 – each combining a true 4in/4out configuration for audio IO as well as 4 modules of Lake Processing.

The new PLM+ platform offers Four Analog inputs, Four AES inputs, Four Power Outputs, 4 Lake Contour Modules, 8x8 Dante I/O, 2 port 1GB network switch, dual redundancy.  

A total of up to 16 inputs can be routed to a PLM+ device, allowing audio format conversion from one input type to another, and then delivering these inputs to other devices in the system. Matrixing/summing of inputs can be achieved and controlled within the Lake environment, an environment expected by most engineers at front of house or monitors, where using a tablet computer, they can tune, monitor and drive their system.

PLM 12K44, which is targeted as a successor to the PLM 10000Q, offers a universal power supply, PFC, 8 x Dante Break in/out..

The 12k44 model features Lab.gruppen’s Rational Power Management (RPM) technology, first debuted in the company’s recent D Series install platform. A first in live sound, this new feature allows the 12k44 to realise all of the performance of the 20k44 model, a feature that could have major implications for a busy rental company.