Planar updates TVF display series

Planar has unveiled a 0.9mm millimetre pixel pitch model of its TVF series, featuring an improved power design and new models for the TVF Complete.

The 0.9 millimetre pixel pitch model, the Planar TVF 0.9, supports videowalls with high resolutions, increasing the pixel count by almost 78% compared to the 1.2 millimetre model, capable of achieving 4K resolution at a 164-inch diagonal size. 

The TVF 0.9 supports an installation depth of four inches to reduce videowall footprint and service space requirements with a stackable cabinet design for cableless power and signal connection, allowing users to hide main cables to create an ‘edge-to-edge’ LED display with no protruding cable or top bezel.

The TVF Complete range has also been expanded, with the Planar TVF Complete UHD 164 adding a 4K native model with an improved control system with more inputs and windowing capability. 

Each TVF Complete model includes configured LED display cabinets, cables, wall mounts, trim, spare modules and a video controller and is available in diagonal sizes ranging from 109-in to 219-in. 

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