Planar previews transparent OLED display

Planar Systems has debuted its LookThru OLED transparent display at the Xlab 2015 Conference in New York.

The LookThru OLED transparent display uses OLED technology to eliminate the need for a backlight or enclosure. Transparent OLED technology overcomes one of the major hurdles to transparent LCD display adoption by making it possible to create see-through installations unobstructed by enclosures that sit behind the displays.

The Planar LookThru OLED transparent display allows users to view video content, digital images and text on a virtually frameless glass display while enabling designers to overlay this content onto real objects or scenes that sit behind the glass.

The large, 55-inch Planar LookThru OLED transparent display is self-emissive and offers wide viewing angles. When paired with a Planar image processing systems, the display can be tiled to create larger videowall installations.

The display is suitable for a range of applications including retail, corporate and museum settings. It can be integrated into any environment in which glass is used including room dividers, conference rooms, counters, museum exhibits, retail fixtures and ticket booths.

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