Planar creates DirectLight LED videowall calculator

Planar Systems has introduced the DirectLight LED videowall calculator, a free, online tool that simplifies the videowall selection process by helping customers visualise and plan for their LED videowall installations before they make a purchase.

The DirectLight LED videowall calculator allows customers considering the Planar DirectLight LED videowall system to realistically preview implementations of the product in a variety of indoor environments including public venues, corporate lobbies, conference rooms, retail settings, and control rooms.

By allowing customers to visualise their designs complete with custom content and technical specification data in advance of their purchase, the Planar DirectLight Calculator ensures the success of every project by taking the guess work out of videowall planning.

Using the Planar DirectLight Calculator, customers can compare different display models and configurations side-by-side in the same environment, allowing them to determine what designs  look best in their environment. They can upload and preview their own videowall content as well as obtain detailed project renderings and specifications requirements that can be shared with colleagues and prospective customers. They can also submit automatic requests for price quotations to Planar, speeding up the purchasing process.

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