PK Sound launches flagship Trinity Black line source element

Line array company PK Sound has introduced the Trinity Black robotically controlled line source element.

The all-black flagship product includes PK’s revamped v4 presets, claimed to offer significant acoustic enhancements over previous iterations.

Trinity Black systems work in tandem with the new PK Cell touring rack and upcoming .dynamics software platform. They are exclusively available in North America and Europe to members of the PK Alliance network.

Trinity Black’s clarity and SPL up to 149.3dB can be controlled with variable coverage in both the vertical and horizontal planes, allowing system operators flexibility in making coverage adjustments after the array is flown. Directivity is tailored to meet the architectural design of the venue or space using industrial linear actuators with a duty cycle of up to 109 years.

A patented Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) Waveguide combines mid and high frequencies, coupled with engineered low frequency apertures for smooth and controlled directivity. It offers variable adjustability from 50- to 120-degrees both symmetrically and asymmetrically for precisely tapered arrays that are claimed to significantly expand stereo imaging, avoid challenging obstacles, and reduce noise pollution. Meanwhile, vertical angles are set and adjusted remotely with 0.1-degree accuracy.

Horn-loaded 12-in transducers manage low frequency response. The mid frequency band is supported by four 6.5-in midrange transducers affixed to the CMI Waveguide. Two dual-diaphragm high frequency transducers, coupled directly to an integrated planar waveguide, reduce distortion across the high frequency band. A 6,000 W Class D amplifier maximises headroom while maintaining clear audio and exceptional output.

IR sensors and inclinometers allow the module to recognise its position and angle within the system, improving accuracy and safety. Finally, a combination of FIR and IIR filters are applied to ensure smooth frequency response across the listening area.

Trinity Black systems are exclusively owned by PK Sound to maintain the highest standards of performance and service and are available via dry-hire rental only to PK Alliance member companies.

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