PK Sound introduces T218 intelligent subwoofer

PK Sound, the robotic line array company, has formally released the T218 intelligent subwoofer.

Onboard DSP, class-D amplification, and networking enable auto-identification and configuration within PK .dynamics software through a simple multipin connection. Dual front-loaded, 18-in long-excursion transducers in a bass reflex design achieve a peak output of 144dB with an operating range of 25-100 Hz.

T218 features a large, unrestricted vent for high SPLs with minimal port distortion. A single field-replaceable module located on the rear of the cabinet houses the 4,000 W Class D amplifier, control electronics, and power supply.
Auto-identification within .dynamics enhances the efficiency of deployment and calibration while PK Sound’s new v4 DSP presets allow users to dynamically control directivity and further optimize low-frequency response. Crossover points at 70 and 100 Hz ensure full-system performance with Trinity Black and T10 multi-axis line source solutions.



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