Pixled Launches F-37L

PIXLED has launched its latest product, the F-37L , a flexible 37mm LED mesh display offering the benefits of being able to create LED displays of any shape whilst also being perfect for wide flat screen backdrops.

The quick roll-out design enables ultra fast installation/breakdown with minimal labour, and the 2300 Nit light output delivers bright, high-impact, full-colour video images.

PIXLED F-37L's slim lightweight design has numerous creative opportunities and also other key plus points like lower transportation costs. The high transparency factor enables video and lighting effects to be layered, as the surface becomes near invisible with lights shining through from behind.

Combining the key features of a 37mm pixel pitch, 57% transparency factor, a weight of just 6.4 kg (14.9lbs) per square metre and the quick-rollout design, the F-37L enables show, visual and scenic designers to create massive backdrops cost-effectively – that can be installed with great speed.

While the light weight also removes many typical design constraints, for rental companies, it reduces transport costs considerably and needs less people to install.

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