Philips T-Line brings Android powered multitouch displays to the classroom

The Philips T-Line range of interactive touch displays for education is available in Europe says PPDS, the trading name of TP Vision and MMD-Monitors & Displays.

T-Line runs on the latest available Android OS and is available in 65-in, 75-in and 86-in size variants. 

Displays incorporate high speed technology and optimised glass coating designed to deliver a natural writing experience. They can support 20 touchpoints, with students using their hands or an included multi-tip stylus. The displays connect with a keyboard and mouse and support Active Pen technology. 

T-line – running from a secure wireless connection – allows up to 64 students to connect their own personal computing device directly to the display at the same time. Work on up to four devices can be shared onto the display at any one time.  

The displays support major operating systems, including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. 

All documents displayed and work carried out can be saved and shared via third party email apps, or stored in the cloud. 

Additional accessories, such as audio soundbars and cameras, and supporting programs such as Zoom, are available. 

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