Philips L-Line 7000 series boosts design options for LED installation

Philips L-Line 7000 series indoor LED offers 1,200-nit brightness and is available in 25cm standard height, with 50cm, 75cm and 100cm width variants.

Units can be mixed and linked together in any landscape format and are available in standard flat or with sloping bevelled corners (for L-shape cornering and curvature, 90-180 degrees) and in both convex and concave formats for curved installs. All units come with built-in cable wiring and are daisy-chained for both power and data.


Philips Active Health Monitoring allows remote management of displays 24/7. An IP30 conformal coating protects displays from indoor elements such as dust, dirt, fungus and moisture. 


Philips says its ‘Dynamic Power Saving’ technology allows for 20% lower running costs. A fire retardant design can slow down the spread of flames in the event of fire and help protect the structural integrity of the LED panel in case of fire. The series is tested and certified with European standard B1 DIN4102, British standard BS476-7, and North-American standard UL94.


Optional patented easy-mount brackets are available for flat LED mounting, convex curved (177.5/175/172.5 degree), and L-shape 90-degree corners.

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