Philips launches updated Bedside TV with built-in Chromecast

Philips Professional Display Solutions has updated its Professional Beside TV offering with an updated HeartLine model designed for the healthcare market, providing new features.

The new Android-powered HeartLine TV features a 19-in screen with built-in Chromecast and access to the Google Play Store. 

The TV limits the growth of common microorganisms and features wireless casting of movies, presentations and smart device content such as mobiles, laptps and tablets. 
Users can access the Chromecast features by tapping on the Chromecast icon on an Ios or Android mobile device, tablet or laptop to stream content from cast-enabled apps, using the smart device as the TV’s remote control. 
The HeartLine uses JIS Z2801 compliant antimicrobial additive in its housing to prevent the growth of microorganisms such as Gastroenteritis, E Coli and Pneumonia. 

The display features hydrophobic glass and no raised buttons to prevent germs getting into crevices, with built-in touch sensitive controls able to be disabled for cleaning via a button on the rear of the TV. 

Galvanic isolation is featured to prevent electrical currents passing from the headphone circuit into the electrical environment and integrated touch controls are included which illuminate when patients raise a finger to the screen. 

An integrated reading light is also included on the bottom bezel of the TV, with a button on the front touch-control panel operating the light and its intensity. 

All apps allow for in-app language change to the user’s chosen menu language via the Android ecosystem, with CMND content management system access enabled through the HeartLine, allowing for installation, configuration and dashboard creation to be completed remotely. 

CMND and control allows for a customised dashboard to be available for patients, allowing users to consume content in their own language and on preferred channels, with the healthcare provider able to display relevant patient information. 

The HeartLine TV also features the IEC 60601-1 medical certificate and an updateable Android 7 OS. 

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