Philips launches five display ranges at ISE 2020

Philips Professional Display Solutions unveiled its five ranges of displays at the show, highlighting new MediaSuite hospitality TVs, the T-Line interactive touch displays, B-Line corporate range, C-Line range, T-Line and X-Line displays for a range of applications.

Google-certified MediaSuite hospitality TVs 

New Google-certified MediaSuite hospitality TVs were announced at the show, with three new models across five size variants, including sizes from 32-in to 65-in. 
The HFL6114U model is available in 43-in, 50-in, 55-in and 65-in variants, with 4K UHD (3840x2160) picture quality with a slim, silver metal bezel design and a matching stand. 

The all black 5114U is available in 43-in and 50-in, with the same 4K UHD capabilities as the HFL6114U. 

The 5114 model is available in 32-in and 43-in models. 

All MediaSuite TVs feature built-in Chromecast to allow users to stream and view content in up to 4K from a compatible laptop or mobile device. 

 Apps can be accessed via the Google Play Store, including Netflix, Youtube, Deezer and Spotify as well as local news, weather and traffic reports. 

The MediaSuite 2020 voice control is included as part of a software upgrade for 2020, with the new MediaSuite hospitality models shipping pre-installed with the Android P software update, adding Google Assistant’s voice control functionality, new security features and personalised content selection. 

All existing MediaSuite models include the HFL6014 and HFL5014 can be updated to Android P as part of Philips’ ‘extended lifetime’ guarantee. 

 The MediaSuite range can also be equipped with a DOCSIS modem mounted at the back of the TV to allow for delivery of a full Gigabit IP network. 

MediaSuite TVs can be managed and updated remotely, with options for individual screen management or collective screen management. 

T-Line interactive education touch displays

Philips launched its T-Line interactive touch displays for the education market, with a 65-in, 75-in and 86-in model variants available. 

The T-Line range runs on Android OS, incorporating multi-touch interaction and a glass coating for an improved writing experience which allows multiple users to interact with the display simultaneously. 

The display can be interacted with by using hands or an included passive pen alongside the ability to connect with a keyboard and mouse and active pen technology support. 

Up to 64 users can connect to the display with personal devices connected directly, with content from four devices able to be shared on the display at once. 

ChromeOS, macOS and iOS is also supported, with all documents able to be saved and shared via third party email apps or stored in the cloud. 

Accessories, including audio soundbars and cameras can be connected in addition to support for programs including Skype to allow the display to function as a video conferencing system. 

B-Line corporate range 

Philips launched its B-Line range, a selection of Google and Crestron-certified UHD professional TVs that are available in 50-in, 58-in, 70-in and 75-in models with a black bezel. 

The B-Line uses Android P, Crestron-connected with built-in Chromecast to allow content to be wirelessly shared to one or more displays from a BYOD device. 

Users can harness Chromecast to wirelessly connect to the network that the B-Line TV is running, allowing for content to be securely cast on the display. 

HDMI hotplug detection is also included, automatically finding and responding to a user’s action to allow users to connect a device via one of the display’s HDMI inputs.  

 C-Line range 

The Windows-powered C-Line series is available in 55-in, 65-in, 75-in and 86-in size variants, being designed for a range of board room and huddle room environments. 
The C-Line range uses Windows’ OS for PC and laptop computers in the display, with the displays able to be integrated using an embedded professional version of the Windows OS into a corporate infrastructure strategy such as a full Microsoft environment (Exchange, Teams, Azure) or a Google implementation (GSuite, Hangouts). 

The C-Line displays are tool-agnostic, allowing users to access features and functionality from the display while using systems such as Zoom, Skype for business and Microsoft Teams. 

A projected capacitive touch screen (PCAP) display allows multiple users to work on the same document via individual connected computers. 

Multiple touchpoints are provided to allow users to control and manage the display with either a hand, passive pen or via a keyboard and mouse. 

USB and HDMI connection points are included on the edge of the display, with active pen technology being supported. 

Work can be automatically saved and shared via third party email apps to participants with the ability to store files on the cloud. 

A dedicated dongle also allows visitors to wirelessly connect to a presentation via the user’s own device.  

Video conferencing can be handled with additional accessories such as audio soundbars and cameras, supporting a range of video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype. 

 T-Line education displays 

The T-Line range, designed for education applications, was launched at the show, with 65-in, 75-in and 86-in models available, the T-Line supports operating systems including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows and iOS, allowing users to contribute to lessons by viewing, working and sharing documents. 

20 touch points are included, with a glass coating on the display for an improved writing experience. 

X-Line corporate displays

The extended X-Line features improved white balance and colour consistency, with the 55-in displays able to present static and uniform backgrounds such as spreadsheets or slide decks.  

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