Philips launches direct view LED displays

Philips Professional Display Solutions has launched the direct view L-Line series of LED displays that includes the 27-in BDL91XXL and the 44-in (16x9) BDL81XXL.

Both models feature a range of pixel pitch sizes, from 1.2mm to 4.8mm, in units housed in aluminium casing.

The BDL91xxL surpasses the EMC Class A EU requirement and is designed to reduce electromagnetic radiation, making it suitable for use in airports, control rooms and hospitals. There are no high frequency wires in the display or cabinets and the 27-in LED has achieved EMC Class B certification.  The BDL81xxL has EMC Class A certification.

Displays can be purchased as complete pre-configured kits, including LED cabinets, cables, cable management, controllers and an edge finishing kit; or as individual panels and components. All displays are front serviceable.

The L-Line range can be ordered as a “solution-in-a-kit” in order to create LED walls sized from 110-in up to 330-in. 

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