Pexip updates Infinity with V13

Pexip has updated its collaboration software platform with the launch of Infinity V13, adding fully-automated resource cloud bursting to Amazon Web Services.

The platform ties together enterprise communication solutions such as Microsoft Skype for Business, traditional video and telephone conferencing, and web-based communications.
It is entirely software-based and can be deployed in an organisation’s data centre, in a public or private cloud or hybrid combination.
Pexip Infinity V13 now allows for fully automated Dynamic Hybrid Cloud functionality to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.  Pexip Infinity deployments now have the ability to automatically burst into the AWS cloud when primary conferencing capabilities are reaching their capacity limits.
It also has adaptive-logic media resilience features designed to improve poor video quality due to packet loss and bandwidth challenges for Chrome-based WebRTC clients, including Pexip’s own suite of Infinity Connect clients.  

Another new feature allows PowerPoint sharing across platforms and a redesigned and updated administration interface.

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