Pexip introduces Infinity Connect

Pexip has expanded its virtual meeting platform with the release of Pexip Infinity Connect. It is a suite of client software offering customers a way to connect to video meetings.

Pexip Infinity Connect enables users without a UC client or access to videoconferencing to simply connect to a Pexip Infinity Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) using the Infinity Connect installable client on their PC or Web browser of choice.

Pexip Infinity Connect is available as installable client software for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Previously available in WebRTC-enabled browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, Infinity Connect will also be offered for non-WebRTC browsers including Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

Pexip Infinity Connect installable clients for Windows, OS X, and Linux will be available with the release of Infinity version 7 in October. Support for Internet Explorer and Safari will be added later this year.

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