Penn Elcom unveils power distribution unit range

Penn Elcom has unveiled its PDU16-10DJ power distribution unit range of 1U rack mounting units, combining the power of 10 switchable output sockets.

Multiple socket outlets are available with a variety of power ratings ranging between 10 and 16 amps, with the full range of Penn PDU products now including the new four slimline variants with four other 2U devices. 

The units stand at 1U height, with each of the ten switchable channels being protected by a thermal current overload trip switch in addition to each numbered channel featuring a dedicated rocket switch with a neon indicator light, with users able to spot whether a load is present in various light conditions. 

Power is provided via a panel mounted C20 socket and is distributed to ten C13/IEC outlets, with the four slimline PD units 
Power comes in via a panel mounted C20 socket and is distributed to ten C13 / IEC outlets. 

A thermal overload trip switch cuts the power supply to all sockets if activated, providing the requisite safety standards for general industrial use. 

Four ‘slimline’ units are included in the range, designed for different regions, with the PDU16-10DJ-UK featuring type G outlets and a 13A maximum loa, the PDU16-10DJ-EU featuring type E outlets with 16A loading, the PDU16-10DJ-US featuring type B outlets for 15A and the PDU16-10DJ-AU fitted with type one outlets with 10A maximum load distribution. 

Each unit is supplied with a 1.8m power cable with options available based on country/region. 

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