Peerless-AV to showcase new mounting systems at InfoComm 2024

Peerless-AV will highlight its Seamless dvLED moutning systems, a new line of Netpune outdoor smart TVs and more at the show.

Peerless-AV will show its updated Seamless Kitted Universal dvLED mounting system (DS-LEDUNV) at the show, including several improvements to its mounting system. This 1:1 DS-LEDUNV model that includes a reusable universal spacer, aimed at simplifying the installation of displays while offering adaptability  features.

Neptune TVs and displays

The Neptune full sun outdoor smart TVs will be available at the show, on display in 55-in and 65-in models. Designed for use in direct sunlight, these models contain a high TNI panel to accommodate high-ambient temperature conditions and harsh temperature conditions.

Additionally, the outdoor-rated Xtreme high bright outdoor displays will be shown, in 55-in, 65-in, and 75-in models.

The outdoor flat wall mount for the 75-in Xtreme high bright outdoor display, outdoor universal flat wall mount (portrait) for 42-in to 80-in displays, and Neptune outdoor articulating wall mounts for 42-in to 75-in TVs.

SmartMount series

The show will also see Peerless-AV’s SmartMount flat panel trolley for 43-in to 75-in+ displays and SmartMount flat panel trolley for 55-in to 110-in+ displays. These trolleys are made for use in professional and educational environments, with a tubular design and built-in cable management of the trolleys.

Peerless-AV will also show its SmartMount Universal Scissor wall mount for 39-in to 85+-in displays, enabling mounting of larger, heavier displays. By using the extendable adapter arms, users can pull the display out 12-in from the wall, granting unprecedented access to the back of the display for installation and maintenance of power and cabling.

The SmartMount articulating wall mount for 43-in to 65-in+ displays, SmartMount articulating wall mount for 43-in to 75-in+ displays, and SmartMount articulating wall mount for 50-in to 90-in+ displays in addition to its SmartMount digital menu board mount with eight-point adjustment and Paramount flat panel trolley for 55-in to 75-in+ displays.

Kiosks and digital menu boards

Peerless-AV will showcase its single and dual-panel outdoor digital menu boards, designed to support 55-in outdoor-commercial display brands on full display, with two models Smart City kosks with 55-in Xtreme high bright outdoor display + Smart City IR Touch overlay accessory, and dual-sided Smart City kiosk with 55-in Xtreme high bright outdoor display.

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