Peerless-AV to highlight outdoor displays for LFDs and video walls at ISE 2022

Peerless-AV will present new outdoor displays and indoor/outdoor kiosk solutions with a new motorised trolley and dvLED mounting systems at ISE 2022.

Part of the SEAMLESS dvLED video wall integration programme, visitors to Peerless-AV’s booth will see various flat to wall and custom shaped dvLED videowall showcases in partnership with key OEM partners, supported by SEAMLESS kitted and bespoke mounting systems. 

SEAMLESS kitted systems offer Z-adjustment to ensure the dvLED pixels are aligned, ensuring that the entire mount creates one flat plane regardless of wall imperfections. 

Peerless-AV will showcase its new motorised trolley, the PR598-M, for large format and interactive displays up to 98-in. The PR598-M includes digital controls on the rear to power the display and pre-set up to four heights with 500mm of vertical travel, as well as a built-in pressure sensor to detect and automatically lower or lift, if any resistance or obstacles are detected. 

The Xtreme high bright outdoor displays will also be on display, showing the new 55-in XHB554-EUK for hotter or sunnier climates. The XHB554-EUK is 25% lighter than the previous generation 55-in display and includes a gyroscopic sensor that detects any movement of the display, sending an alert to warn of potential tampering or theft. 

A built-in HDBaseT receiver is also included as well as improvements such as thermal load diffusion, customised brightness scheduling, auto-source switching, power saving and pixel shifting

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