Peerless-AV introduces IR touch overlay for outdoor signage

Peerless-AV has debuted its new IR touch overlay (IRTO55-XHB4) for standalone install on the 55-in Xtreme high bright outdoor display and Smart City kiosk range.

The overlay is designed to enhance outdoor signage by incorporating customer interaction elements, offering 10 points of simultaneous touch with a <15ms response time. The IR touch overlay cn also detect input from a gloved finger, stylus or other devices, allowing for flexibility in content selection.

The overlay is powered by a 3 metre USB 5V DC adaptor cable with HID-compliance to work with multiple operating systems.

The IRTO55-XHB4 has an IP65 rating and can operate in temperatures from -10 degrees up to 40 degrees with options for installation in portrait or landscape orientation.

An external ambient light sensor extender accessory is also included to automatically adjust the brightness of the Xtreme display based on lighting conditions.

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