Peerless-AV debuts new single and dual-sided Smart City Kiosks

Peerless-AV has launched its next generation Smart City Kiosks, launching the single sided display, KOP55XHB-EUK and dual-sided display, KOP55XHB2-EUK.

The dual sided model is new to the range, offering improved screen space for digital advertising and wayfinding.

The singled sided KOP55XHB-EUK incorporates one 55-in Xtreme high bright outdoor display, with the dual-sided KOP55XHB2-EUK models featuring two 55-in Xtremes installed back-to-back. The two screens can play content independently or can operate from a duplicate feed.

The displays feature full HD 1080P resolution, with an IP66 rated design to prevent the ingress of foreign materials with an operating temperature between 35 and 60 degrees Celsius.

The displays can be operated with an optional IR touch overlay (KIRP-XHB4), which can detect up to 10 touch points such as a finger, gloved hand or stylus.

A base cover is available to enable power and data cabling to run upwards from the bottom centre, with secure doors for rapid access maintenance.

An IP55 rated media cabinet is provided to serve as an enclosed storage area for AV components and integrated fans for active cooling, with the kiosk wind tested to survive winds of up to 135 mph.

Both models are available in black or silver colour options, with or without two four-in, 100 watt, waterproof speakers.

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