Peerless-AV adds universal dvLED mounting system in 1:1 models

Peerless-AV has announced enhancements to its Seamless Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System (DS-LEDUNV) that directly address the accessibility, flexibility and scalability issues of dvLED display integration.

Brand new, and now available on-shelf in distribution, are the industry’s first 1:1 DS-LEDUNV models that follow the ‘one display, one mount’ universal strategy of LCD videowalls, dramatically speeding up and simplifying stocking, inventory management, order processing and shipping. DS-LEDUNV product sizes have changed, with compact packaging to reduce warehouse space, decrease overall delivery costs and lower environmental impact. A new patent pending, reusable Universal Spacer, unlike any other on the market, dramatically simplifies the installation of displays while offering future-proof adaptability.

The 1:1 DS-LEDUNV models are available for displays up to 610mm wide, 960mm wide and 1220mm wide and are the first to include a universal hardware pack, compatible with the majority of latching dvLED cabinets. For distribution, this allows for increased consistency in terms of shipping costs, whether customers are ordering for a 4x4, 7x2, 8x8 or any configuration. 

For architects and specifiers, the simple spec of this new 1:1 product makes it easier to specify into projects without the need to know the display make, model and configuration. Being a universal product also means that once installs team are trained, they can install any compatible display accurately and efficiently.

With the 1:1, the new Universal Spacer is sold separately and is reusable. The spacer has set pin height locations for common cabinet sizes from 240mm up to 1000mm, eliminating the need for dedicated vertical wall templates and enabling a faster integration by precisely aligning the horizontal extrusion for either landscape or portrait cabinet configuration. If display model changes occur as the project progresses, this is no longer an issue. Simply use the spacer to set the new cabinet height. If the display height is uncommon and does not have a pin location on the spacer, the spacer’s in-built caliper feature can be used to measure the cabinet and set the spacing accordingly.

When considering future installations using 1:1 models, the reusable Universal Spacer presents notable savings in raw material volume and reduction in waste sent to landfill in contrast to the first-generation dedicated spacer previously provided with every DS-LEDUNV order. Benefits become evident from the second installation, especially so with larger configurations.

The DS-LEDUNV is also available as preconfigured mounting kits. Each kit is made specifically for popular display resolutions and flat-to-wall videowall configurations and come with universal hardware, including the new Universal Spacer, all in one box, making it easier and faster to install. 

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