Peerless cuts installation time with DS-VW760

Peerless claims to reduce installation time by up to 60 per cent with its DS-VW760 videowall mount.

It is designed to support any display configuration from 2x2 to 3x2, 4x4 and provides wall plate spacers customised to suit the dimensions of the specific digital display models. After the first mount is installed spacers can be aligned on the wall to position the next one. Integrated cable management with cable tie-backs is designed to simplify installation.

The DS-VW760 also offers display positioning that can be fine-tuned at eight different points; including up-down vertical, left-right horizontal and in-out tilt of the whole display as well as up-down roll at the display corners. Quick-turn adjustment knobs are designed to save time and facilitate proper placement by eliminating the need for mechanical tool-based adjustment. The wall plate itself can also be adjusted left, right, up and down to accommodate different stud and wall plate mounting location options.

A pull-out/prop-open mechanism on each mount allows displays to be accessed individually from either the top or bottom for display, cabling or component service. When pulled from the top or pushed from the bottom, a quick-release lever provides access to the back of the selected display. The unit will stay in the open position with an additional tilt option to provide room for technicians’ hands. When finished, the display can be pushed back into place and an audible click will indicate when the mount is secured.

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