Peerless-AV updates Xtreme outdoor display range with 65-in model

Peerless-AV has announced its 65-in Xtreme high bright outdoor display, the latest addition to the Xtreme range.

The 65-in Xtreme high bright outdoor display includes a cover glass that is optically bonded to cut down on glare in direct sunlight, with an operating temperature range of -35 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. 

The display includes an integrated ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the display’s brightness to optimise power consumption in varying light conditions. 

A quarter wave plate polariser is included to allow for portrait and landscape installations with an IK10 rated tempered cover glass and IP66 rating with a fully sealed design to prevent the ingress of water, dust, moisture and insects from entering the display.  

Remote and local monitoring is supported via an IP addressable user interface for temperature, humidity and power draw diagnostics of the display. 

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