Peerless-AV launches indoor kiosk for slim displays

Peerless-AV has launched its Indoor Portrait Kiosk (KIPC25XX-EUK) for ultra-thin displays and touchscreen panels ranging from 40- to 55-in, and measuring less than 101mm deep.

The UK manufactured Portrait Kiosk has a curved design and is customisable for indoor self-service, advertising and wayfinding applications in corporate, retail, QSR, transportation and hospitality settings. 

It has universal height and depth adjustment for flush display alignment and two thermostat-controlled cooling fans, which exhaust heat generated from the display and components. 

The kiosk is UL 1667 Dynamic Tip Test Approved. Its heavy duty rectangular flat base can be free standing or bolted to the ground and rear and side mouse holes in the base of the unit allow for cable routing. It arrives pre-assembled and bi-level doors allow direct access for display fitting and maintenance.  An internal tray organises media players and cables and it has keyed locks.

It is available in gloss black or silver finish (S) as standard with a powder coat finish. Support for a range of custom options is provided, including multiple RAL colour finishes, vinyl logos, and wraps. 

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