Peavey Commercial Audio to unveil Digitool driver for Neets IP-based control interfaces at InfoComm 2019

Peavy Commercial Audio (PCA) has announced that it has partnered with Neets, releasing a driver for PCA’s Digitool range of digital audio processing units for matrixed zone processing.

The new driver is currently available for the Digitool MX16 and Digitool Live devices and is compatible with all Neets AV control interfaces with IP connectivity including the TanGo control system which allows touch control through Neets hardware, Android/iOS devices or standard browsers to allow for custom-build GUIs.

The driver offers an IP-based command set including input and output channel level and mute control, level and mute functionality for all audio matrix points and the ability to trigger internal pre-set loads.

The Digitool/Neets driver is available within the Neets Project Designer drag-and-drop configuration software as part of the device driver library and is also available as a separate download from the Neets website.

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