Pathway Innovations to debut eGlass station at ISTELive 22

Pathway Innovations will demonstrate its new eGlass station, integrating an eGlass lightboard with a mobile teaching podium.

The eGlass lightboard is mounted on a mobile, battery-operated and height-adjustable podium, utilising a transparent glass writing surface that uses ChromaClear technology and adjustable LED lighting to intensify pen ink with a visible glow. 

The on-board camera enables viewers to see the user’s face within the same window as they write on the glass whiteboard, using RBG glass lights that introduces multiple colour combination options. 

The stand also features two pull-out shelves to hold a laptop, document cameras, or other teaching items. A slide-out tray is also included for a wireless keyboard and mouse. 

An updated version of eGlassFusion software is included for all existing eGlass users, featuring Zoom integration without the need to switch back and forth between applications. 

A new template library is included with the software, providing users with an expanding array of digital teaching templates such as graphs, charts and diagrams. Users can drag the templates into the software window to make them appear on the eGlass digitally to be written on, blending physical ink with digital resources. 

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