Paso launches new voice evacuation system products at ISE 2019

Paso added new products to its PAW line of voice evacuation systems.

Paso updated its PAW line of voice evacuation systems, introducing the PAW5000 range of evacuation systems which appears in two ranges – the PAW5500-VES range and the PAW51K-VES range.

The PAW5500-VES range includes three integrated voice evacuation systems for emergency systems for two, four or size zones, rated at 500 W. The PAW5500-VES range is designed for wall mounting and is equipped with a control unit certified to EN 54-16:2008 and EN 54-4 standards.

The systems can manage two to six alarm zones, depending on the model, with each model in the range included a dedicated amplifier, remote microphone stations and controlled inputs to be connected to a fire control unit.

Six systems can be connected to each other, ensuring a maximum coverage of 36 zones.

The PAW51K-VES range includes two integrated voice evacuation systems, for four or six zones with a rated output of 1000 W.

Both ranges incorporate 4.3-in backlit displays with a touchscreen for selecting alert and evacuation zones, enabling navigation for adjusting volume levels and configuring equipment and viewing failures.

Multilingual management software is also included, as well as a handheld fireman’s microphone, double A+B outputs for each zones and automatic stand-by amplifier management.

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