Panopto enables video delivery

Panopto has updated its video capture and management system to enable broadcasting, recording, and streaming HTML5 video to any device.

With new snap-ins for embedding video recording and searchable playlists into existing websites, it also now records using H.264 video and AAC audio and streams using HLS to offer three distribution options.

Premium enables viewing on desktops and laptops using a multi-stream, HTML5-based interactive player. It streams multiple synchronised video feeds and allows users to search inside video content, control playback speed, and take time-stamped notes.

Basic viewing on desktops and laptops uses Panopto’s embeddable video player. The embeddable player delivers a composite stream of video in an HTML5 container.

Broad-reach viewing on mobile devices uses Panopto’s native Android and iOS apps and mobile-friendly MP4 video.

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