Panasonic unveils two laser projectors

Panasonic has introduced two new high brightness laser projectors featuring dual laser arrays, creating an automatic backup within the projector.

The PT-RZ12K and PT-RS11K are both 3-Chip DLPTM laser projectors, aimed at heavy users such as universities, museums and providers of digital signage. Both projectors boast native 120 Hz frame rate and are equipped with frame interpolation technology, which scales 24/50/60 Hz inputs to a higher frame rate, eliminating motion blur and increasing the motion picture sharpness.

Each projector is equipped with 12,000 lumens of brightness at WUXGA (PT-RZ12K) and SXGA+ (PT-RS11K). The projectors are designed for 20,000 hours of projection performance, without the need for servicing or filter replacement.

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