Panasonic to showcase IP-centric platform at ISE 2020

Panasonic has announced its plans for ISE 2020, and will be showcasing glass-to-glass systems using its latest missing link IP/IT centric platform, it will demonstrate how it can simplify and provide the complete chain of content production from capturing and mixing to distribution and display.

The convergence of AV and IP technology will be on show at Panasonic’s eSports Arena, it will also be introducing a number of new technologies, including the new super compact and light 30,000 lumen laser projector.

The arena combines Panasonic’s latest live entertainment products such as the IP/IT-centric platform, 8K ROI camera and the 4K switcher with 4K laser projectors, such as a 50,000 lumen 4K laser projector, and large format displays. Visitors can also get a glimpse of the upcoming new super compact 30,000 lumen projector.

Using wall and floor projection, Panasonic will create a truly immersive experience in the form of an interactive real-time digital museum exhibition. The attraction will be created by combining Panasonic’s laser projectors with first zero offset short throw lens with zoom and shift and 4K high-end displays.

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