Panasonic targets signage with LCD launch

Panasonic has unveiled four new LCD display families, targeting digital signage applications with models that range from 42” to 47”.

The LF25 is available in 42” and 47” and has a slim frame. The company has also released the LF30 series, which is brighter and is also available in 42” and 47” sizes. The models are also equipped with original function slots, “SLOT2.0”, allowing interfaces or internal computers to be changes.

For outdoor environments the company has released the LFP30 series, which is protected to IP66 and has a brightness of 1,000 cd/m².

LFT30 is designed for very bright outdoor environments with LCD trans-reflective technology and a brightness of 1,500 cd/m². It has a forced-air cooling system and is equipped with touch screen technology and protection against water and dust to IP53.

The four models are available later this year :

  • LF25E : (TH-42LF25ER ), (TH-47LF25ER) available from October
  • LF30E: (TH-42LF30ER), (TH-47LF30ER) available from October
  • LFP30W: ( TH-42LFP30W) available in September, (TH-47LFP30W) available in October
  • LFT30W: (TH-47LFT30W ) available in November

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