Panasonic takes PT-ST10 to school

Panasonic is targeting the education market with its latest short throw projector, the PT-ST10.

The 2,800 lumen PT-ST10 has a short-throw ratio of 0.5:1. Its close-range capabilities suit it to applications with whiteboards while also reducing shadow interference on screen.

The projector’s footprint is the size of an A4 file and it weighs 3.1 kg. With whiteboard and blackboard modes, the projector can be used in rooms that do not have a screen installed. An Intelligent Power Management function permits use of the projector even in places with unstable electrical power while a Daylight View Basic function ensures clear images even in brightly lit rooms.

The model has standby power consumption of 0.4 W*1 in eco standby mode and 15 W in normal standby mode as well as a Direct Power-Off function that allows immediate disconnection from the power supply.