Panasonic launches short throw lens

First seen as a prototype at ISE2013, Panasonic has launched the ET-DLE030 short throw lenses for larger format single-chip DLP projectors. 

It can vertically redirect light cast from projectors at a distance of 370mm from the projector to produce a bright, symmetrical-sided image directly above it. 

This technology helps to make projection possible in spaces that would have previously been dimensionally constrained.

The introduction of ET-DLE030 lens increases the projection possibilities of what was achievable from a throw ratio of 0.38:1.

In terms of new projection applications, it means installers no longer have to throw light across, for example, a busy retail environment where objects or people can block projected images and where space is at a premium.

This applies to further verticals such as staging, museum, or transport where it may not be possible to suspend a projector mounting bracket or where there is insufficient space, either in front or behind the projector to throw the image to the required size.

Panasonic has deployed 3-chip DLP projectors in a number of large scale outdoor events such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the Berlin Festival of Light.

More recently, edge-blended images were projected from more than forty PT-DZ21KE and PT-DS20KE projectors onto a 20,000 square foot wall, delivering visuals for the Roger Waters' ‘The Wall Live’ concert tour.

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