Panasonic launches F300

Panasonic launched its F300 projector range with four models that incorporate In-Organic materials for LCD panels and polarizers, claimed to enhance the projector’s life. The company said new features would also lessen image deterioration and yellowing.

Across the range, the brightness specification reaches 4000 ANSI lumens on the F300 series and 3300 ANSI lumens on the FW300 series. Both feature upgraded daylight view five technology and use common lamps throughout.

F300 also claims up to 5,000 hours lamp life at full brightness specification.

The range uses an Auto Cleaning Filter (ACF) to detect dust on the filter and automatically pass the rolling brush across it. This is stored away from the filter until manually cleaned. A front cover flap is also designed to keep dust out of the projector.

All projectors can be hooked up a wired LAN to allow web browser control/monitoring and Panasonic’s e-mail message alert for maintenance. The wireless versions also offer an administration free wireless connection.

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