Panasonic expands i-Pro Extreme series

Panasonic has updated its i-Pro Extreme series with six new models of i-Pro surveillance cameras, featuring Infa-Red (IR) illumination for day and night footage.

All six models feature an inbuilt colour night vision functionality, allowing users to distinguish between shades of clothing and cars in low light environments, with a minimum luminance of 0.03 lux being required.

All models feature a wide angle lens with a 109 degrees horizontal and 73 degrees vertical field of view.

A corridor mode means integrators are able to provide 90 degrees by 270 degrees field of view to monitor locations that stretch in to the distance, such as corridors and aisles.

The i-Pro Extreme cameras are installed with iA (Intelligent Auto), automatically shooting optimum footage regardless of environmental conditions.

The cameras are also installed with microphones to enable audio recording in indoors and outdoors environments.

The range includes indoor and outdoor versions in both 1080p and 720p, as well as two models which conform to ‘in-vehicle’ standards.

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