Panasonic expands 4K display line up with glass free option

Panasonic has launched a series of glass-free 4K displays aimed at the rental and staging market.

The glass-free versions of the 98-in and 84-in LED LCD panels (TH-98LQ70L & TH-84LQ70L) sit alongside the company’s existing large 4K displays. The decision to add the LQ70L models was based on requests from the rental industry for a lighter and brighter version, gained by the removal of the protection glass.

Like the existing models, the displays offer 3840x2160 resolution and include Panasonic’s new generation of image enhancement technology.

The displays have inbuilt 3D-LUT colour correction and 6-axis colour correction, a special latticed aluminium frame to resist twisting, while portrait orientation is also possible without any effect on the screen.

The displays can up-convert non-4K sources to a higher level of image quality and moving images.

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