Panasonic adds PT-RZ21K 20k lumens laser projector

Panasonic is to launch the RZ21K 20,000 lumens laser projector, which it claims has the smallest footprint of any 20,000-lumen laser model on the market.

Specifically designed for rental, live entertainment, staging and any permanent fixed large venue, the PT-RZ21K provides 20,000 hours’ maintenance free operation.

It weighs 49kg, making it suitable for rental or stage use. The RZ21K is almost the same size as the Panasonic DZ21K2 and will fit in the same frame.

A dual-laser 3-Chip DLP light source, with built-in redundancy and uninterrupted projection, makes it suitable for high-profile, mission-critical applications.

The RZ21K is compatible with all Panasonic's existing 3-Chip DLP lenses including the ET-D75LE95 ultra-short throw lens to make it easy to install, even in tight spaces like galleries and exhibitions. The projector can handle 360-degree installation through any axis: it can be mounted at any angle without distorting the picture.

The RZ21K’s mounting structure has a rigid design to prevent external vibration affecting the image.

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