Pan Acoustics unveils CX series loudspeakers

Pan Acoustics has debuted its CX series loudspeakers, with a frequency range of up to 48-22,000 Hz and a wide symmetrical dispersion pattern.

The new speaker range includes the P 8-CX, P10-CX and P 12-CX, offering eight-in, 10-in and 12-in woofer drivers respectively.

The sound signature of the speakers is designed to remain uniform to ensure consistent sound results, with equalisation of the speakers handled via the integrated passive crossover.

The cabinet of the loudspeakers is made from sustainably sourced wood and can be painted in any colour according to the customer’s request for discreet integration into theatres and opera houses.

The speakers are tilted downwards by design at 15 degrees and can be mounted flat on walls. Various mounting points for accessories are available, including wall mounting, ceiling mounts and more.

The CX range can be used individually or in combination with subwoofers from the Pan subwoofer series for extended bass response and immersion.

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