Owl Labs Meeting Owl 4+ packs in enterprise-friendly features

Owl Labs has launched the Meeting Owl 4+, an all-in-one, 360-degree camera, speaker, and mic device with 4K Ultra HD video.

The new Meeting Owl is powered by the latest Owl Intelligence System (OIS) Software which now allows for wirelessly pairing more devices.

Other new features include easier fleet management for IT teams and customisable lighting and sound options upon startup.

With the latest OIS software, the Meeting Owl 4+ pairs with Owl Labs’ customisable connected device system to capture all angles of a discussion. Owl Labs products can connect with others in over 25 different setup configurations, with both centre-of-room and front-and-centre options. For example, a company can wirelessly connect two Meeting Owls for greater coverage, or a Meeting Owl, and an Owl Bar to ensure all angles are covered.  

Meeting Owl 4+ features include a 64-megapixel camera and sensor that can stream 4K Ultra HD video within a 3m radius.

It includes 360-degree speakers and smart mics that have 5.5m pickup radius and the audio range can be extended with an expansion mic.

IT administrators can manage a fleet of Owl Labs devices from The Nest management tool, including bulk registration and default settings.

The upgraded OIS software includes Silent Switching so when devices are paired, the technology detects where people are facing even when they’re not speaking, then seamlessly switches to the correct camera with the best view.

It is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and other video conferencing platforms.

Front + Centre experience upgrades introduce more accurate intelligent camera switching whether a participant is actively speaking or silently contributing to ensure the best angle is always captured.

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