Outline in multiple product launch at ProLight 2014

Outline has launched a large selection of new products at ProLight & Sound exhibition in Frankfurt.

The EIDOS range has been expanded with the addition of three new members, the X123W, the 6.5 and the 12 SP.

The EIDOS X123W combines power with an asymmetric cabinet design allowing a range of applications. It uses modern co-axial driver technology (12in/3in LF/HF) in a light and compact unit.

The EIDOS 6.5 is a 6.5in + 1in module designed for installation purposes, especially where space is limited but which also requires power and intelligibility.

The EIDOS 12 SP is a multi-role device containing a 12in LF transducer and 1.75in compression driver, powered by internal Class D amplifiers and offers the advantages of self-powered loudspeakers, and also featuring a rotatable HF waveguide allowing use in vertical or horizontal orientations.

Outline’s Movie Series welcomes a new member with the FX 101, designed as a surround-sound module for deployment in modern cinema applications. The 10in + 1in design includes a special ‘upside-down’ driver orientation and 10-degree slanted baffle which combine to provide LF/HF blend both in the near and mid-field, both on and off axis.

The new iP24 iMode digital processor is a multi-role 2-input / 4-output DSP loudspeaker controller in a single rackspace design. It provides, for the first time, all the features associated with the iMode platform to control external amplifiers and passive sound reinforcement systems.

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