OutBoard unveils TiMax Crowdscape sports arena system

OutBoard has launched its TiMax Crowdscape sports arena system, designed to provide crowd engagement for sports events played behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

TiMax Crowdscape system uses a multichannel ‘bowl’ sound system mounted in the seating bleachers of a venue, pointing in towards the playing area. 

Operators can use iPads to trigger and variably spatialise selected crowd atmosphere loops as well as cheering, applause and booing spot effects in addition to tailored content relevant to games and teams. 

Samples can be spatially mixed to anywhere in a venue using iPad 3D panners, faders and triggers, able to be merged selectively in the existing house system for crowd immersion. 

Crowdscape operators also spatially mix external crowd fx stems from broadcasters or viewer response systems, placing them in appropriate segments of the arena or stadium. 

Downmixed stereo, 5.1 and mono crowd content feeds can be simultaneously generated live in Crowdscape and returned to a truck for broadcasting or streaming. 

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