Optoma debuts W515 projectors

Optoma has debuted the WXGA W515 ProScene projector, which has been designed to simplify complex AV installs.

The 6,000 lumens projector, has been engineered for professional installations, has multiple digital connection options as well as an HDBaseT version (W515T).

It is equipped with a 1.8x zoom and a built-in geometric adjustment feature. This allows the installer to individually adjust each corner of the image to create a perfectly square image - ideal for image stacking, uneven walls or where a projector placement is awkward and needs to be installed at an angle.

In addition, if greater brightness is required the geometric adjustment can also be used for image stacking. This enables higher brightness to be achieved by overlaying images and has added benefits of reducing the overall cost of installation and increasing reliability. 

It has been designed for conference rooms, large classrooms, lecture theatres, museums and houses of worship.

Full support is provided for Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN protocols. The projector comes with built-in speakers that deliver 20W audio, or an audio output is also included, enabling connection to external sound systems.

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