Optoma announces highest brightness WUXGA projector series

Optoma has announced its highest brightness professional laser projectors to date, filling a need for high-end installations, including the entertainment, exhibition, and digital signage markets.

At 17,000, 19,000 and 22,000 lumens respectively, the Optoma Ultra Bright Series ZU1700, ZU1900 and ZU2200 projectors also offer eight interchangeable lenses to meet the needs of complex installations.

As part of Optoma’s DuraCore laser line up, the Ultra Bright Series projectors feature 4K HDR compatibility, pure engine video processing and colour matching for detail and high colour accuracy.

Additionally, the new models feature Optoma’s Visual Suite* software, along with an integrated camera, creating seamless setups with automatic image adjustments, warping, and calibration for bright and uniformed images every time while reducing installation hours.

Optoma’s Ultra Bright projectors offer 24/7 operation, up to 30,000 hours of laser lifetime, and an IP5X rating for optimal and dependable performance, even under more extreme conditions up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit/50 degrees Celsius. 

The ZU1700, ZU1900 and ZU2200 projectors offer a solution for intricate installations, including multi-projector and dome projection applications. 

*Visual Suite software will be available in early 2022 via FW update.

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