Optocore unveils network system

Optocore announced a network system for manufacturers and professional integrators at Prolight + Sound 2017.

The module, designed to be built into third party product boards, offers interoperability and integration for products, on fiber and fully IP-based.

Optocore conceived the interface to be fully functional within a single form factor. Optocore SFX7 Network Interface Controller offers direct fiber connectivity, which features 1,000 channels of audio and data for control purposes. As a full IP system it has a built-in Ethernet switch to create one large IP network with all other nodes. Optocore designed it for plug-and-play application and claims the lowest latency on the market.

The Optocore SFX7 Network Interface Controller has up to 512/512 channels per module, and features: two redundant Optocore links (hot-swappable SFP slots for multimode or singlemode LC); two SANE (Synchronous Audio Network with Ethernet) Cat5 extension of Optocore ports; two LAN ports, and third party board integration slot.

It has a high channel matrix between products, redundant fiber connectivity and LAN (IP-based control of products from one point, without the need for an additional network). 

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