Optocore ramps up network interface with DD32R

Optocore has upgraded its DD32E network interface, unveiling the DD32R at London’s PLASA show on September 13.

The reduced carbon footprint, including a 40 per cent reduction in power consumption, has also sparked a 30 per cent decrease in price as the company revamped the design and streamlined production.

Optocore has also double fibre bandwidth on the R Series device, offering 2GBit operation, for 1024 input channels per ring (plus unlimited number of output channels).

The DD32R also includes a full 100MBit Virtual Ethernet Switch over the entire network.

Furthermore the SANE port allows network designers to add analogue channels, further Ethernet and MADI devices to the network.

Finally all ‘R’ series devices will operate down to minus 20 degrees Celsius and feature 50µ hard gold plated connectors.

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