Optocore debuts SFX7 network interface controller

Optocore has announced the release of a network product suitable for all manufacturers and professional integration clients. The module, designed to be built into third party product boards, will offer flexibility, interoperability and integration for any product — all on fibre, and fully IP-based.

Optocore SFX7 Network Interface Controller offers direct fibre connectivity, which features not only thousand channels of audio but also data for advanced control purposes. As a full IP system it will offer the built-in Ethernet switch to create one large IP network with all other nodes — without the need for any external equipment.

The Optocore SFX7 Network Interface Controller offers up to 512 channels per module, and features two redundant Optocore links (hot-swappable SFP slots for multimode or singlemode LC), two SANE (Synchronous Audio Network with Ethernet) Cat5 extension of Optocore ports, two LAN ports, and third party board integration slot.

Other features include the high channel matrix between products, redundant fibre connectivity and LAN (IP-based control of products from one point, without the need for an additional network).

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